FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Page - The Circle Bar Ranch Website

1.   Q. Where can I purchase The Circle Bar Ranch Raised Beef?

A.  44Farms



2.   Q. What type of Meals do you serve over a typical stay?

A.  We serve Cowboy Cuisine, Chicken Fried Steak, Meat Loaf, Shepherd’s Pie, Barbecue. A hearty Cowboy lunch and country breakfast.

     Q. Can we bring our own meats, foods to substitute or add to the meals.

A. Yes, please make advanced arrangements for your group.  


3.   Q. Do you provide snacks or special drinks?

A.  Yes, Tea and Water only, but no snacks.

A.  You can bring your own, sports drinks, sodas, favorite beverages, field snacks, ect.


4.   Q. Do you provide Wi-Fi and how good is the coverage in each building?

A.  Cook House and Lodge and The Bank Only, Wi-Fi Speed and Availability is Spotty at best. Depends on Weather and number of guests connected. The Best location for WIFI access is currently the bank building.


5.   Q. What is the fastest driving route to the ranch from the Dallas Fort Worth Area?

A.  Visit our Map & Directions Page.  



6.   Q. Where can I purchase my Resident & Out of State Hunting License.

A.  Texas Parks and Wildlife Website and Various Sporting Goods Retailers.



7.   Q. What are your rules for Shot Gun Gauges and Rifle types

A.  For Quail Hunting Only, we require .410 .28 GA and .20 GA small bore shot guns only. Over and Under and Side by Side Shotguns only, no 3 or more shot automatics or pump shotguns.

B.  For all other species from Dove to Ducks we allow what ever is legal in Texas from .410 to 3.5” 12 GA with shell capacity limiting Plugs as required per law. For Hog hunting any and all types of Legal Rifles and Shot Guns with Buck Shot are allowed.

8.   Q. Do you sell Ammunition or Hunting Gear?

A.  We have a limited amount of Shotgun ammo available each year in 12GA, 20GA & 28GA. No rifle Ammo. We have some Mojo Dove Decoys, Bucket Seats, and Shell Pickers available. Please inquire in advance on these items and their availability.


9.   Q. What type of Hunting Gear do you recommend for your Hunting?

A.  Dove Hunting, Hot weather camouflage pants, shorts and t-shirts, Hats, Boots, Snake Boots, Eye Protection, Hearing Protection, Sunglasses, Coolers and Sunscreen, Bird Bag Belts and or Vests, Insect Repellant, etc.

A.  Quail Hunting, Blaze Orange Safety Colors on Hats, Shirts, Jackets or Vests. Quality walking boots with Brush pants. Weather can be mild to cold and wet and rainy; fields are normally dry but wet conditions do occur. Eye and Hearing protection. Bird Bag and or Vest.

Hog Hunting, Camo Hunting Clothing to match the time of season. Eye and Hearing Protection.

A.  Duck Hunting, Camo Jacket, Hat, Pants, Camo Facemask, Dress for Colder Weather with warm Mud boots. Waders are usually not needed. Hearing and Eye Protection.  


10.   Q. Do we have to sign Liability Waivers to hunt on your ranch?

A.  Yes, provide link to the current CBR Hunting Waiver. https://www.thecirclebarranch.com/liability-waiver-hunting-contract

11.      Q. What type of hunting gear is available for purchase near the ranch?

A.  We recommend that our hunting client’s purchase their hunting gear & and any necessary supplies before arriving at the ranch. There some options for buying outdoor gear in Vernon and a few items in Crowell. But hunting gear selections & availability of things like ammo and clothing are limited. The ranch is a 20-minute one-way drive to Crowell and about a 40-minute drive to Vernon Texas. Plan to get all your required gear before you get the ranch. Shaw’s Pharmacy in Crowell has some ammo and hunting gear. But very limited hours of operation. The Vernon Walmart and Tractor supply are your best bet for any gear you may have forgot to pack! But they do run out of popular hunting ammo and gear, quite often. United Super Market in Vernon is also a great place to buy groceries, if you prefer not to shop at the Vernon Walmart.

 Vernon Walmart Supercenter Link


 Vernon Tractor Supply Link


 Vernon United Super Market Link



12.        Q. Do we have to bring sheets or towels?

A.  No, you do not, we provide freshly cleaned towels, bedding/sheets and pillows for each quest. 


13.        Q. For Private Aircraft, what are your Available local North West Texas Airport Links and Options?

A.  Vernon, Crowell, Knox City, Seymour, Wichita Falls, Abilene, Lubbock



Knox City             






Wichita Falls        






A.  We do have access to a large cabin jet private air strip in this general area. Please request more information for details.

14.        Q. What is the maximum number of guests that can stay at the Circle Bar Ranch?

     A. 24 Guests is our maximum capacity per day for lodging and meals. 


15.        Q. What is your policy on client owned hunting dogs? Quail, Dove, Duck? Are they allowed on each hunt?


Quail – Dogs are provided by our hunting guides. It is at our guide’s discretion if you want to bring and hunt your own dogs.

Dove- We Encourage you to bring your own hunting dogs. We do not allow animals or dogs to stay in any CBR lodging. You must always clean your dog’s waste up.

Ducks- We Encourage you to bring your own dog, etc...

We have no kennels or facilities to store your own animals, most dog owners use a portable sky kennel.