Circle Bar Ranch began by purchasing property in Northern Knox County in 1981. Since then, we have purchased 23 properties.

In 1990, Co-founders, Jerry Bob and Eugenie Daniel, decided to improve their property from a holistic point of view believing that cattle, wildlife and tourism can coexist.

They have built roads, tree-dozed brush (sculpting with assistance from Dr. Dale Rollins), built water diversions, water ponds, removed fence lines, added improved grasses, transferred 4,500 acres of farm ground to improved grasses and a host of many other improvements over the last twenty-five years.

But more importantly, they have improved their property to enhance wildlife including whitetail deer, quail, numerous varieties of ducks, dove and turkey. They are currently reintroducing scaled blue quail to their operation over the next three years. 

We have leased our deer hunting for several years and have excellent hunters on our leases but we are now, for the first time, opening bobwhite quail guided hunts beginning in the fall of 2016.

This will consists of lodging in our beautiful hunting lodge, ranch cook, quail guide with excellent dogs for $1,250 per day with a two day minimum.

We hunted this year ourselves for ten days resulting in 25 covey averages per day. Covey sizes ranged from 15 to 25 birds.

We plan to begin booking with a limited number of hunts. We do reserve the right to cancel hunts if birds numbers are down to unreasonable numbers. But hunters may rebook for the following year or request a full refund of deposit.

Deposit amount is 50% down.